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What Does Your Walk Say About You?

What Does Your Walk Say About You?

Watch this video to learn more about Metascan's Dynamic Gait Analysis.

Insightful Casting

Insightful Casting

Watch this video to know more about Insightful Casting.

How to Place Your Footmaxx™ Order

Order Forms

Use the links above to access the Footmaxx™ order forms in Adobe PDF format. If you don't see what you need, call us at 1.800.779.3668, and we will make it available.

Going to Market

Footmaxx is proud to be your partner in building your practice. Please make full use of the Marketing section's tools and tips, including camera-ready artwork, sample press releases, Patient Reorder materials, and more!


2011 Product Catalogue

Download our complete Product and Footwear Catalogues using the links in the drop-down menu above.

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