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Do you have specific custom orthotic requirements and need build-to-order orthotics for your patients? Our employees hand-craft the orthotics you require using high-tech equipment and decades of expertise.


For the active, energy hungry, lifestyles – Footmaxx hand-crafted Custom Orthotics enable your body to function with optimal balance and strength.
Custom Orthotics


Top athletes love Footmaxx Custom Orthotics.
Increased balance leads to a stronger and more confident musculoskelatal system.

Custom Orthotics

Added Balance + Reduced Pain =
Increased Comfort & Functionality

Do you experience difficulty taking a step without pain? Maybe you have plantar fasciitis, shin splints, bunions or metatarsalgia? Footmaxx Custom Orthotics help correct multiple common foot and lower limb problems to relieve pain and improve your quality of life.
Custom Orthotics

Non-Custom Orthotics

Diabetic non-custom orthotics

Diabetic orthotics provide support to the sensitive foot and relief to pressure points, are easy to trim and fit in most diabetic shoes. They come in two different formats:

  • Level Base
  • Round Base
Other non-custom orthotics

Non-prescription orthotics allow the patient to purchase an orthotic, add them to their shoes, and use them that same day! Footmaxx offers multiple options for:

  • Athletes
  • Everyday Casual or Dress Use
  • Women's or Men's loafers
  • Children's shoes

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