Static method using the subtalar neutral position.

Recommended Procedure for Taking Foam Impressions:

Step 1

Align Patient’s body properly. Establish a right (90 degree) angle at hip, knee and ankle. Observe feet to ensure proper neutral positioning.

Step 2

Ensure ankle is neither supinated nor pronated.

Step 3

Hold ankle in neutral position by supporting the talus to prevent pronation when impression is made. Instruct patient to apply no pressure. Place free hand on patient’s knee and press down, pushing patient’s foot 1–1.5 inches into foam. Simultaneously, apply pressure to lateral aspect of foot with other hand.

Step 4

Finish impression by pressing toes into foam.

Step 5

Inspect each impression for defects or an uneven nature of the weightbearing surface or abnormal plantar contour.

Repeat procedure with patient’s other foot

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