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Compatible with Structure Sensor, Acquire3D™ takes scanning to a whole new level! With Acquire3D, you can scan and view patient scans with ease from an iPad. Sending orthotic orders is easy and done in minutes! Request more information or call 800-779-3668.

Acquire3D iPad App and Structure Sensor
Now Structure Sensor Mark II compatible!


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 Advanced Tech + Mind-Blowing Low Pricing

  • Web-based software accessible from anywhere
  • 2 hardware options: with or without stand
  • 3 casting options: Non-weight-bearing, semi-weight-bearing or weight-bearing
  • As fast as 8-second scan time
  • 14" x 6" field of view
  • Elevated stand option available 

Request more information or call 800-779-3668.

Metascan gait scanner
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FASTER: More efficient diagnosis and treatment
VERSATILE: The ONLY mat allowing you to configure sensitivity for different gaits
DIAGNOSTIC: Use for balance testing, vestibular testing, and therapeutic protocols
EDUCATIONAL: Generates a custom report with detailed analysis of your patient's gait

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  • Reviewed and approved by a certified pedorthist
  • In-depth detail; 19 aspects of gait analyzed
  • Assessment of each foot's gait reveals asymmetries
  • Includes a summary and conclusion for each foot

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